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Sandra Winogrocki & Michael Katala


Take care of your mind, body, and Soul

The collaborative efforts of Michael Katala and Sandra Winogrocki offer inspired designs, artwork, paintings, transformed furniture, musical expression and avenues of healing through therapeutic art, sound, poetic meditations, wrapped crystal amulets, and wood creations. ​


Our empowering workshops, meditations, and events are offered to help uplift our community.

At this point in Sandra's career, she considers herself to be an energy worker who has been studying Massage Therapy for over 20 years.  In conjunction with regular massage and body awareness, Sandra recommends movement, meditation, music, and therapeutic art to help release emotions and stress.  She is a published author and artist, sharing her feelings on canvas, through written word, and meditations. Sandra also offers private and group therapeutic art sessions at Holistic Healing Arts in Englewood. 

The peaceful presence of Michael Katala can be experienced through his intuitive music and his art in many forms. He plays and hand crafts instruments such as hand drums, harps, koras, and flutes. Michael also creates sculptures, home decor, and furniture which celebrate the diversity of each unique piece of wood chosen. He spends hours creating one-of-a-kind wire wrapped crystal jewelry as well as painted canvas. Michael has been playing music for more than 20 years and currently teaches a djembe drum class Monday evenings at the Venice Holistic Community Center.  

Sound Immersions:  A meditative musical journey helping you to release your energetic and physical stress. You'll be immersed in sound using world instruments such as harp, singing bowls, chimes, vocal toning, frame drum, and flute.  Each time is a unique experience based on the energies present. Available for individual or group sessions. 

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Combining massage, stretching, and movement therapy, with relaxing activities such as meditation, artistic expression, and sound immersion help you to unwind and let go of your accumulated stress...for a healthier you, inside and out.

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In addition to Massage Therapy, IET, Sound and Tuning Fork Therapies, we also offer individual and group sound immersions, intuitive art creation, movement, dance, and percussion instruction. 

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